Conductive Education Center of San Francisco embraces the philosophy of Conductive Education

The guiding principle of CE is: For an individual to function more fully, he or she must adapt to the environment, rather than having the environment adapted to him or her.

CE regards motor dysfunction as the consequences of a medical problem that interrupted the learning ability of the person resulting in disrupted adaptation. CE aims to restart the individual’s general adaptation (learning). In CE it is not the person’s disability and treatment (healing) that are central importance, but his education and learning.

CE offers guidance towards the ability to adapt (called orthofuction) through a specially organized active learning process (called conduction).

Further philosophical bases and our practice:

We believe that even if a person has severe neurological injury, the possibility of improvement is there; and they also want to be creative and challenged. Therefore: We set high expectations for the individual which are continuously adjusted accordingly to the person’s actual overall condition.

We think that a person’s whole, complex behavior /action is greater than the sum of its components-as their entity is formed by their integration. Therefore: We target children’s emotional commitment and active engagement in their own learning while teaching movement, language, social, self-help and cognitive skills through meaningful, life like, interrelated tasks in a highly motivating milieu.

Consequently, our program targets the whole personality, which includes physical, mental, volitional, emotional, and character development as a unified whole that embraces such learning simultaneously, not separately or consecutively.

We think that learning is an active process, not passive or mechanical and that passive exercises and patterns can not change the functional stage of the individual. Therefore: Students’ activities and intensions are vital in our practice.

We think that continuity is necessary to reinforce a new skill. An opportunity to use the same skill for many different tasks is also essential in learning. Therefore: Continuity and consistency are imperative in CE and so our Daily Routine turns any given part of a child’s day into a learning situation.

We think that the group provides the atmosphere where people want to act–it is the forum for social facilitation; providing motivational power. Therefore: CE takes place in a group setting that is carefully organized by the Conductor.

We believe that in order to utilize a unified approach it is vital that a group of professionals, who are responsible for the program, have training based on the same philosophy and relevant practice. Therefore:

In our Center, a single specially trained group of professionals (Conductors) are responsible for the planning and implementation of the whole process.